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Polar M400 A Review Confessions of a Fitness Instructor.
The Polar M400! Polar sent it to me for review a few weeks ago and Ive been happily wearing it ever since. Im a long time Polar user. I started of with the Polar FT4 about 6 years ago, and then more recently upgraded to the Polar RCX3 when the FT4 finally bit the biscuit. The upgrade from the FT4 to the RCX3 was pretty epic, because it took me from a straight up heart rate monitor, to a heart rate monitor with GPS tracking capabilities.
Polar's' M430 running watch gets a major sleep monitoring upgrade.
Polar is sharing the software love by bringing its new advanced sleep monitoring features to the M430 GPS running watch. The Sleep Plus intelligent sleep system debuted on Polar's' A370 fitness tracker and now the Polar M400 successor will support the new sleep tracking feature that promises to detect sleep duration, timing and quality of sleep based on position and wrist movements.
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I especially like that the M400 has a standard microUSB port; far too many GPS watches and fitness bands require a proprietary charging cradle. For a 200 GPS watch, the Polar M400 is a very capable crossover device. It's' comfortable; the display is easy to read, and I really like that it can track your activity even when you're' not using the GPS feature. Almost all other GPS watches lack this functionality. For the same price, the Basis Peak offers activity and sleep tracking, and limited smartwatch-like notifications, but lacks GPS.
Polar M400: GPS Watch Review. Live Science. Live Science.
Credit: Screenshot, Live Science. All the data the watch tracks can be viewed online on the Polar Flow website or on the Polar Flow mobile app. I always prefer looking at data online, since Web browsers are inherently easier to navigate than mobile apps, but the app that accompanies the M400 is fairly easy to figure out. There's' an activity page that shows your total steps taken, calories burned and active minutes for the day. On this page, you can also see how much sleep you got the night before, and you'll' receive suggestions for what you can do to reach your daily activity goal e.g, go skateboarding for an hour or garden for an hour and a half.
Polar Polar Best M430 OH1 Running Review Review Watch Discount Discounts 2018 Detailed Optical Top GPS HR 10 Optical Sensor, Guide Run Arm-Worn Review, Watch the5krunner. Recommendations the5krunner.
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Polar M400 review: A feature-packed GPS running watch that can also track your steps and sleep CNET.
The Good The Polar M400 has good battery life, can sync wirelessly with your phone, includes GPS and activity tracking, charges through a normal Micro-USB and supports wireless heart-rate monitors. It also has automatic sleep tracking, an always-on display with a backlight, inactivity alerts and is waterproof.
Polar M400 Review Trusted Reviews.
What is the Polar M400? The Polar M400 is one of a new breed of fitness wearables combining the simplicity of fitness bands such as the Fitbit Flex with the heartrate and GPS activity tracking of high-end running watches such as the TomTom Runner Cardio in one device.
Polar M400 review.
There is, of course, the basics including distance, pacing, altitude and calorie burn. But where the M400 cuts a new path is in its ability to deliver data for the times when you're' not running. The internal accelerometer of the unit will track steps, activity and sleep. It'll' also give you a nudge if you've' been stationery for a long period just like you'd' get from a Jawbone UP24 or a Fitbit Flex. The Activity Guide feature is basically like having a Polar Loop built into your running watch. While the activity and sleep tracking don't' offer the depth of some of these devices, having all your data pushed to a single platform is extremely appealing to the point that you're' happy to forgo some of the deeper data.

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