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Polar and Les Mills Join the tribe. Polar and Les Mills have joined forces to create a fitter and healthier planet. With Polar A370, the LES MILLS Edition wristband, and LES MILLS workouts as Polar sport profiles you can be sure to catch every sweaty minute.
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Je weet dat je een winnaar bent, maar je weet ook dat je dat niet vanzelf wordt. Je hebt nauwkeurige trainingsgegevens nodig om je prestaties te optimaliseren. Polar ondersteunt al jarenlang topatleten en net als jij doen we altijd onze best om nummer één te blijven op het gebied van geavanceerde trainingstechnologieën.
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Your cart is empty. A smarter training experience with Polar. If youre looking for real progress when you train, you need the best guidance, so to help weve developed Smart Coaching. Whether its assessing your day-to-day fitness levels, creating individual training plans, working out at the right intensity or receiving instant feedback, Smart Coaching can help.
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In the media. Here's' what the media is saying about Polar M600. Polar has created some of the most alluring fitness tracking options available on a smartwatch today. Polar M600 is the best for those who want their GPS sports watch combined with their daily wear smartwatch.
Polar Flow.
Sur votre ordinateur, accédez à pour commencer à utiliser votre nouveau dispositif. Le service Web Polar Flow est compatible avec les produits suivants: Loop, Loop 2, A300, A360, A370, M400, M430, M450, M460, V800, Polar Beat, V650, M600, M200, H10 et OH1.
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19.95 Buy Now. V800 sports watch USB charger. With this USB cable you can charge your Polar V800 and sync your activity and training data with the Polar Flow web service. Polar Loop/M600 USB Cable. Use the USB cable to charge your Polar Loop or Polar M600.
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Customize your training views in the sport profiles settings in Polar Flow. Built-in GPS provides accurate speed and distance measurement for a range of outdoor sports, and allows you to see your route on the map in the Polar Flow app and web service after your session.
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Kéo Power Essential Bluetooth Smart. OH1 optical heart rate sensor. Polar Challenges for Business. Polar Flow app. Polar Flow web service. Polar Loop 2. Polar Loop Crystal. Polar ProTrainer 5. Polar Team Pro. Polar Team Pro shirt. Polar Team app.

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